Leadership, Success, and Communication Coaching

I coach people to visualize, create, and achieve goals to live a better life and the life they always dreamed of.​ My specialties include leadership, success, and communication coaching. I believe in a holistic approach to coaching which includes all aspects of a person’s life that affect how they view their ability to achieve goals. I work with people to identify their personal strengths and reframe their perception of how life treats them, starting with gratitude, awareness of others, and the impact they have to influence in a positive way.

After 25+ years in managerial and executive leadership roles in the business-to-business technology and services space, I began a journey of self-exploration to create a path for my last phase in life.  ​I made the decision to enhance my life by enriching the lives of others through coaching.

'Living the Life' was a cognitive decision I made for myself; I created the mindset and made a plan to make it happen. Sure, I made excuses along the way. I also had a coach that helped me identify my fears and replace them with possibilities. I asked myself, "What if I don't follow my dream? What if I stick with status quo?" My heart knew that I would have regrets on my deathbed. So I made the decision to create the life I wanted to live. My life today is blessed with incredible relationships and opportunities. I exemplify 'Living the Life' as a coach, consultant, and entrepreneur where I can spread my wings and follow my passions. I took a big leap of faith and I've never been so happy.

I would be honored to help you find creative solutions for seemingly impossible issues. I can help you explore your version of a well lived life, and create a path to make it happen.


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Jill Heron

Leadership and Communication Coach

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (minor in counseling), along with two Bachelor of Arts degrees (Education and Fine Arts) and minors in Marketing, English and Graphic Design. I have been a business consultant at the executive level for seven years with expertise in sales, marketing, readiness, leadership development, and executive communications. I managed the marketing department at four companies, and worked at Microsoft for almost a decade.