I work with high-performing executives, business professionals and teams who are committed (both personally and professionally) to reach their greatest potential while creating the life they dream of living. Together we identify ways to fill a personal customized communication tool belt by leveraging strengths, values and skill sets. We identify the tools needed to visualize a path, gain perspective, build a plan, and coach success outcomes.

​Some people are born leaders; others instinctively trust and want to follow a leader's direction. Some have great vision and insight but lack the ability to get others to follow. A leader shows up as a leader in everything they do in a day; they anticipate outcomes and assess who will positively and negatively influence that change. I help people use their strengths and abilities to develop keen instincts to navigate their own change, while coaching others to reach their full potential. 

There are many different personalities and communication styles on a team; not every person can be managed in the same way. How well a leader engages their team members, acknowledges and rewards their contribution, provides clarity and feedback, removes obstacles, and empowers through delegation will determine the success of a leader. 

Critical conversations need to be identified for personal and team growth. I will help teams and individuals with conversations around expectations, listening, valuing opinions, creating a safe environment to make mistakes, providing opportunities to learn and grow, as well as encouraging personal growth as a means to excel.

Millennials (born 1980-1995) are our future leaders. They are tech savvy, entrepreneurial, adaptable, and more affordable, but do not have the years of experience to step into a senior role. I work with this generation to help them identify a problem they want to solve at a company, how to anticipate next steps before being asked, awareness of the people around them, and how to adapt without giving up what is important to them.

Managing Millennials
As I become an expert in young adults, I will work with the managers to motivate and reward this generation to create a productive and high performing team. With the use of emotional intelligence, the manager will guide their thinking and behavior to navigate the social environment by redirecting disruptive behaviors, having empathy, and learning to adapt to get a desired outcome.

Business success and personal fulfillmentcan be difficult to balance while juggling high expectations in a fast paced environment. I work with top level management to improve communication, employee engagement, decision making, and social EQ. Together, we focus on your strengths to accomplish big goals.

Emotional Intelligence(often referred to as EQ) is a person's ability to recognize their own and other’s emotions. A person with high EQ uses this information to guide their thinking and behavior to navigate the social environment by redirecting disruptive behaviors, demonstrating empathy, and learning to adapt to get a desired outcome.

Why is this important? Studies have shown that people with high EQ have better leadership skills, greater mental health, and exemplary job performance. For example, psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman wrote a book called Emotional Intelligence. The research in his book indicated that EQ accounted for 67% abilities deemed necessary for superior performance in leaders, and mattered twice as much as technical expertise or IQ. Managing a successful and productive team of people requires a manager who is able to motivate and inspire. For some, this may come naturally, and for others the skill can be learned.

Personal Awareness of self and others can build a stronger network to support overall goals and accomplishments. The way a person understands the emotional language in relationships, and harnesses their emotions (even negative ones), can be used to accomplish intended goals.

Be a solid leader.

​Be bold.
Grow yourself. 
Grow others.
Create a vision to follow your own dream.

Leadership, Success, and Communication Coaching