Leadership, Success, and Communication Coaching

I work with you to shift your thinking, remove obstacles, and see the path to live the life you’ve always wanted.Together we evaluate what's working in your life, what's not working, and what's ready to change. We create a plan to help you get there.  We craft an individualized, robust plan of action to help you achieve your objectives and deepen your artistry.

Holistic Approach: When possible, I like to work holistically and touch on all areas of a person’s life to ensure they have the balance they need. My belief is that our happiness is based on the balance of the mind, body, heart, and soul.  Play is equally important as work. How you feel is equally important than how you are perceived. As a general rule, when you feel better, other’s perceptions are better.

For example, I have found that health is often intertwined in a person’s ability to focus and accomplish big goals. We may spend time ensuring that sleep and nutrition is covered if relevant. As life happens, you may want to shift years during the course of a session.

Strengths: I focus on amplifying a person’s core strengths to maximize results. These are not the skillsets that are learned in college and work, rather the natural abilities and senses that come with ease, like gratitude and humor. When a person lives life predominately in the area of their strengths, they gain more energy, feel happier and more fulfilled. Equally important is to identify areas that deplete energy like people, tasks, environments and the time of day.

Time Allocation: You’ve likely heard of the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your results come from twenty percent of your efforts. I help people identify where they are allocating their time, and how to spend more energy on the vital few things that count. Amplify what counts, and the impact is amplified.

Perspective: Perception is reality. What does that mean exactly? The way a person perceived their life, becomes the reality of their life. A negative person might focus and rehash negative events. In their reality, their life is full of tragedy and, mishaps and failures. A positive person might recall the highlights of the day. Sharing successes strengthens their belief that their day was full of success. Change the way you view life, and you will change the kind of life you have.

If you're wondering whether working together would be a fit for you, please contact me to schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone session. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.


My job is to work alongside of you and inspire you to see things from other perspectives.I believe that a role of a coach is to light the fire within, but you will have to do most of the heavy lifting for progress to be successful. The change becomes the new normal that is sustainable. You are open and determined to continue forward. That is when you know you have moved the dial in a positive direction.

Pre-Work: Knowing our individual strengths helps us know what to leverage to accomplish goals. I start by asking you to take a free strengths assessment. I'll send you a form where you capture your thoughts and progress between sessions. Fill out as much or little as you wish to help guide the following session. Know your top strengths as we will reference them often. There may be other activities and homework that require some thought before a specific session. If you forget to do the homework, we'll work on it during our next session.

Typical Session: Generally, the sessions are done by phone. I am in the Spokane (Washington) area so in person is also an option if you live or work here too. At the beginning of each session I will ask for a status of where you are, and what you want to work on. We will set goals for a successful session. Each session is about 45 minutes. You guide the agenda. At the end of each session, we will recap items that you are accountable for. I occasionally provide homework, and you may come up with ideas to propel goals that I will support and ask you to hold yourself accountable for. The pace is up to you. I encourage you to email me with your progress and successes between sessions.

Duration: I find that the most success comes after about 10 sessions. I typically ask for a commitment of six sessions to make progress. Coaching is not intended to go on forever; it can be as few or many sessions that you determine. I won’t feel like I am doing my job if we don’t plan and accomplish goals in short order. Come back whenever you need a few power sessions to get you on track with a new goal.

Cost: $175/hour. $160/hour with commitment of six sessions or more.

When you live the life you love, the heavy lifting to accomplish goals becomes lighter and provides energy rather than depleting it.

What to Expect

Sometimes we plant the seeds and they sprout fast, and sometimes they need to germinate and grow as we feed it sunshine.